UTAP- Undergraduate Technology Apprenticeship Program

The Program
The College of Arts and Humanities in collaboration with the Office of Information Technology is offering a credited technology training course during the summer and fall semesters. Students who complete this course will then be paired with faculty for a paid apprenticeship in the fall or spring semester. A UTAP student might assist faculty by developing web materials, creating Powerpoint presentations, facilitating electronic discussions or providing on-site assistance during the instructor's class.

The UTAP program provides discipline-knowledgeable students with the technical skills and pedagogical basics needed to support faculty uses of technology in the classroom. Faculty get the support they need to integrate technology into the teaching and learning process. Students get course credit for the technology training and a paid position working closely with a faculty member in their discipline. Both student and faculty play the role of apprentice as they support each other in the academic process. This support will promote increased use of instructional technologies and better teaching and learning experiences in ARHU courses while enabling the UTAP student to build a mentoring relationship with a ARHU faculty member.

The Application- Student Participation
Sophomore and Junior ARHU majors in good academic standing are encouraged to apply. Once your application is accepted you will register for ARHU299T. Students accepted into the program have an interest in developing technology skills, have a grade point average of 3.0 or better, will make a commitment to attend every session of the summer or fall course and work in support of a faculty member 5-10 hours a week during the fall or spring semester.

Click here to complete the online application for student participation.

Proposal Process - Faculty Participation
All faculty and instructors in the College of ARHU are invited to submit an application for support of a course-related project. Approximately fourteen proposals will be selected based on the following criteria: the inclusion of the UTAP student into the academic process; the potential impact of the integration of technology on undergraduate education which can be reflected in a number of ways including the number of students affected or the unique nature of the project; and the impact of the work accomplished on the faculty member's ability to increase their own use of instructional technologies.

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The Course
The fall 2008 iteration of the three-credit training seminar (ARHU299T Special Problems in Arts and Humanities Tech Apprentice Program) is taught every Friday during the fall semester from 1-3:30pm in the Plant Sciences Teaching Theater. In addition to in-class skills training, students will be given assignments to design course Web sites and ELMS/Blackboard course spaces, leading to the completion of a final project and presentation. Attendance is mandatory, and access to a computer and all software used in the course will be made available outside of the classroom to those who may need it.

The course covers a range of software, design issues, and organization concepts that UTAP students will most likely employ when working with a faculty member. Skills training focuses on web publishing and academic website development, electronic presentation tools, and electronic discussion group facilitation. Pedagogical training focuses on practical issues revolving around supporting faculty in an "electronic classroom."

Topics Covered :

  • Faculty support and an overview of pedagogical issues
  • UNIX systems and navigating the WAM environment
  • File management and FTP (file transfer protocol) tools
  • Web sites: University guidelines and other considerations
  • Designing and constructing a Web site
  • HTML code
  • Web page design with Dreamweaver
  • Posting pages to web servers
  • Digital image manipulation with Adobe PhotoShop and scanning
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Designing and maintaining ELMS/Blackboard course spaces
  • Emerging Instructional Technologies such as RSS feeds, Blogs, Podcasts, etc.
  • Student presentations

Working as a Technology Assistant
Students who successfully complete the seminar are required to work for at least the semester following the completion of the course. UTAP students will be matched with interested faculty and assist them with lecture and Web based instructional materials or other information technology projects that the faculty member initiates. Once employed, students will be paid $8.50/hour, working from 5 to 10 hours per week. Participating faculty will submit an extensive review of the students' performances at the end of each semester.

The Benefits
In addition to learning how to support faculty uses of technology in the classroom, UTAP students will receive valuable training in skills that will make them more productive and more marketable in their chosen professions. They will also have the opportunity to learn about the academic discipline and form a mentor relationship with their supervising faculty members -- a relationship that can prove beneficial long after the UTAP assignment is over! Faculty get the support they need to integrate technology into the teaching and learning process which benefits students registered in their current classes and classes yet to come. UTAP promotes the increased use of instructional technologies and better teaching and learning experiences in ARHU courses.

Contact Information
For further information about UTAP please contact Jennifer Patterson at, 301-405-2886.


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